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Holy Bibles and Children’s Jesus Books Project

Urdu Holy Bibles There is always a need for more Holy Bibles in the Urdu language. As new believers come to Christ, the first thing they ask for is a Holy Bible. We must be able to give them a Bible so they can learn about their new faith and get to know of the nature, love and promises of Almighty God. About $8 USD will buy one Bible. It is more cost effective to donate funds for Bibles and let the ministry purchase them there in Pakistan.

Sunday School Supplies – There is constantly a need for Jesus story books for the children in the Urdu language. The ministry teaches Sunday School to the children of the brick kilns. They need white boards and markers and other supplies for the children. When they teach the children, they do not go empty handed. They take a juice box and a snack for each child. There are many small groups of children that are being taught by this ministry.


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