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In August, 2017, Healing Hands Ministries of Pakistan formed a children’s home, currently known as Pakistani Hope Children’s Home. This home cares for orphaned and needy boys. Currently, there are 40 boys living at the Home. Thanks to this ministry and the friends who support them, the boys are happy, well-adjusted and learning about Lord Jesus Christ and the ways of Almighty God. They receive Biblical training from Pastor Qaisar Shahzad, Evangelist Nazim Ashraf, and House Father, Pastor Lazarus. This ministry is responsible for all expenses related to the care of these boys; Clothing, Food, Medical, Education. Prior to coming to live at the Home, these boys had no hope of getting an academic education. Government school is free; however, it is Islamic. So the only realistic option Christians have is to send their children to a private school, which is expensive. Because the Christians in Pakistan are so poor and discriminated against, there is no money for them to receive an education. These boys are intelligent, learn quickly and are eager to learn. There is a great need for a girls home. Young Pakistani girls are at great risk, and many are abused, raped and sex trafficked. Just a few months ago, a family visited the orphanage to ask the pastor to take in his two young girls so they could be safe. He shared that while he and his wife were working in the brick kilns fields, the landowner entered into their home and raped his two little girls. The authorities did nothing to help. This creates a hopelessness in the hearts of these families, because they cannot protect their children. Many ask to live at the Home, but our current building is small and full with 40 boys and staff. There is no room.

BUT GOD…  In the meantime, in 2020, because people’s hearts were moved with compassion at the plight of the girls, God provided funds so the ministry is able to open a home for the Girls. However, that is only half the battle. We also need to have monthly supporters who will catch the vision for these children and commit to monthly financial support so the girls’ needs can continue to be met.

PRAY…  We need our own land with a building large enough to accommodate boys and girls separately – located in a safe area for the children, and utilities available.

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