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The Coronavirus Pandemic has had an impact on everyone around the world, with many people losing their source of income. In Pakistan, the poor families who work in the brick kilns have not been able to work for the last few weeks, as the brick kilns have been shut down and the country has been on lock down. What little funds they earned, now they do not have, and the need for food rations is a continuing problem. The widows, the disabled, the poor have very little provisions under normal circumstances, and now with the lock down, the food rations they had are running out. This is a desperate situation. Food rations contains rice, flour, sugar, oil and a few vegetables. Just simple food. The tiny 1% Christian minority community in Pakistan has no source of help from any welfare organizations or the government, unless they convert from the Christian faith. They refuse to do that, so they do not get provisions. Many look to Healing Hands Ministry for help. Daily people are asking for food. If you are able to partner with this ministry, please click on the Donate button on this website and help get food rations to the Christian families.

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