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The following are the current needs of Pakistani Hope Children’s Home (for Boys) operated by Healing Hands Ministry of Pakistan, Dr. Qaisar Shahzad. Updated 26-October-2020.

Most Urgent Their own land and building in a safe area, with all utilities available, large enough to house orphaned boys and girls. Total cost estimated to purchase land and build on it is $120,000 USD.
Need to add 2-3 wash rooms & showers, plus repair to current wash room. They will add the additional rooms on the roof top. $600 USD.

Currently they have 2 wash rooms with 1 working shower, and the sink in one wash room is broken and not able to be used.

Exhaust fans (4) – one for small kitchen, one for chapel room, 1 for each bedroom area (2) GOD HAS PROVIDED!!


Medicines & doctor visits when necessary $80 – $100 USD monthly
Disinfectant supplies for washroom $50 USD Monthly
School supplies each month; notebooks, pens, pencils, sharpener, ruler $75-$80 USD (notebooks most expensive)
Private School Tuition, monthly $400 USD (discounted rate because it’s a charity.
Monthly food ration, boys & staff workers, 3 times a day $700 USD
Staff modest salary Approximately $1200 USD each month for 7 staff people.

Currently staff receives no salary at all, and some may have to leave to get a job that pays so they can meet their needs. We do not want this to happen.


Current rent expense is $500 USD monthly.

Current utilities expense is approximately $300.


Contact information:

Dr. Qaisar Shahzad, Pakistan, Facebook Messenger

Evangelist Nazim Ashraf, Pakistan, Facebook Messenger

Darlene Flinn, USA, Facebook Messenger, email. Telephone: 1-636-299-1837


This is the rooftop area where new wash rooms will be installed side-by-side.  They will need to build a brick wall on the one side for safety. (on the left side of the photo)


This is the sink in one of the current wash rooms that is not usable.  The shower is also not usable.


Soaps and Disinfectants


Various medicines used for the boys as needed.