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What We Do

Healing Hands Ministries Of Pakistan is a Christian non-profit charity organization operating in Pakistan for educational, religious, and humanitarian purposes. Our mission is to:

  • Provide food, shelter, medical care, education, and other basic needs for children, widows, and the elderly;
  • Provide organizational, educational, teaching and other support to Christian churches in the area;
  • Provide educational, vocational, and in some cases financial assistance to those working in the brick kilns and other high-risk, low-paying jobs in Pakistan; and
  • Provide support and assistance to visiting Christian missionaries from other parts of the world.
Children’s Home

Healing Hands operates two orphanages in the Sheikhupura area. Pakistani Hope Children’s Home for Boys was established in 2017 to provide refuge for street-living children, children whose only option is to work alongside their parents in the brick kilns or other harsh conditions, and children whose parents or guardians simply cannot care for them adequately. In October 2020, God blessed this ministry with the finances to rent and equip another building to operate Pakistani Hope Children’s Home for Girls. Currently, there are 40 boys and 40 girls being cared for in the homes, respectively.

Community Outreach

We reach out into the surrounding cities and villages to help the poor, the disadvantaged, and the oppressed peoples of Pakistan whatever their situation. Many find themselves trapped in low-paying jobs such as in the brick making industry. With wages so low the temptation to take loans from business owners is great, so many become bond-servants and find themselves trapped forever. Healing Hands provides help by teaching in the word of God, training in alternative occupations such as making clothing, and in some cases by direct financial assistance. We work with other charity organizations to provide sewing machines for women who wish to break out of the cycle of poverty by becoming self-employed.

Evangelism and Teaching

Healing Hands assists local churches by bringing teachers from surrounding areas as well as other parts of the world to small communities who lack the ability to attract outsiders. In addition, we organize various evangelistic events to help solidify the communities in the name of Jesus. Financial and other aid to small churches is also made available.

Tell Me More

To find out more about what we are doing and how you can help, you may contact us by email at info@healinghandspakistan.org. If you wish to provide a donation, you may click the “Donate” link above. Other ways to contact us are listed in our Contact us link.